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Founded in 2005, Baheal Pharmaceutical Group is a diversified enterprise group focusing on health industry, and is committed to investing in health brands, corporate equity and health industry related properties. On the basis of brand and platform capabilities, with asset appreciation as its core, and innovation development as its feature, Baheal has developed into a healthcare industry resource innovation and integration platform that incorporates three ecosystems, namely, Commercialization Platform, Health Finance, and Health Real Estate.


The Ecosystem of Commercialization Platform - Healthcare Brands Commercialization Platform

Baheal Medical Inc. is the main body of Commercialization Platform Ecosystem. As the healthcare brands commercialization platform in China, Baheal Medical business spans global high-quality pharmaceutical and health brand operations, wholesale distribution and retail. Through the three core capabilities of category insight and brand operation, all-data platform customer management, and mechanisms to support long-term operations, we provide omni-channel solutions for upstream industrial enterprises to improve operational efficiency, and promote standardized development of the industry. After more than a decade of accumulation, Baheal Medical has formed a strong marketing network while cooperating with more than 12,000 large and medium-sized hospitals and 300,000 pharmacies, incubating several category-leading brands, and forming stable relationships with hundreds of upstream enterprises.

The Ecosystem of Health Finance - Innovative Business Incubator for Health Industry

As the incubator of innovative business in health industry, the Health Finance Ecosystem adheres to the concept of serving startups and supporting innovation. With Baheal's commercialization platform as its core and supported by the innovation fund, we provide financial capital and industrial support in terms of resources, capital, marketing and promotion for innovative enterprises, construct a health finance industry cluster covering advanced technologies, products and services. We have made breakthroughs in smart healthcare, bio-diagnostics, high-end R&D and manufacturing, and third-party prescription flow platforms.

The Ecosystem of Health Real Estate - Health City Complex

Baheal Health Industrial Park Co. is the main company of Health Real Estate Ecosystem. As a leader in the development and operation of health city complex, relying on the health industry resources of Baheal, with "industry, innovation and residence" as the core, health management services as the characteristics, and health industry as the support, we are creating a "industry, innovation and residence" gathering circle integrating industry gathering, health community and supporting services, supporting industrial development with space, and driving urban vitality with industry.