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The content of this website is provided by BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited. We are extremely serious about the privacy of users of this website and personal information security issues. In order to fulfill "Data Protection Law", BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings will be responsible for handling your personal information.

This privacy protection policy is designed to establish principles for using personal information that is likely to be obtained from you. By using this website, or registering as users to enjoy some services provided by us, you must agree to this use. For this reason, we urge you to read this privacy protection policy carefully. Any dispute concerning privacy protection will be handled in accordance with this policy, data protection precautions that may be incorporate by this website and Chinese legal regulations.

We may change our privacy protection policy at any time, and therefore we urge you to check this policy every time you access this website to ensure that you can learn about the latest regulations. The information we collect include:

Aggregation Information
Like other business organizations, we monitor the use of this website by collecting aggregation information, and in this process no identifiable personal information will be collected. A typical example is the number of visitors to the website and each page of the website and the original domain names of visitors' Internet service providers to be collected by us. Such information is used to understand the visitors' use of the website, and may be shared by other companies within BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited and other third parties.

Personal Information
We will collect your personal identifiable information such as your name, email address, country of residence and other information that you take the initiative to submit when you make the registration in order to use this website or to complete an online application form (such as updating the e-mail address).

We may obtain your sensitive personal information, such as your physical or mental health condition, but we can not obtain such information unless you voluntarily take the initiative to provide it to us. We may also get some of your ideas when, for example, you send us feedback or ask questions.

Sometimes we may get your personal information from other sources and add it to your personal information that we have already known to help us provide you with more improved and personalized service.

How do We Use Your Information?
We will not use your information unless the use agrees with this privacy protection policy and data protection precautions that have been provided to you.

Giving up Further Contacting with Us
We may contact you by e-mail or regular mail at any time to inform you about our products or services, or information of other companies within BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited. Such information (such as the latest news) may be useful to you. If you do not wish to receive such information, you can contact us by telephone and choose not to accept our messages any more. You should clearly add your name, user name, registration information (if any) and the name of this website to all of your contact information.

How do We Protect Your Information? 
We store your personal information on a server that is protected with a password and a firewall. We have set up security measures to ensure, as far as possible, the security and integrity of all information including your personal information.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are small files sent to your web browser and stored on your computer's hard disk drive, and are sometimes generated and transferred to your hard disk drive when you first register on the website. They will later be used to identify your computer and allow you to access the website repeatedly without having to login repeatedly. Cookies are only used to speed up your access to the website and the information required. Most web browsers accept Cookies, and normally you can also change the browser settings to prevent the transfer of Cookies. But what should be aware is that, if you change the settings in this way, you are likely to lose some of the features.

Agents and Service Providers
We employ other companies and individuals to work on our behalf. They may obtain your personal information as needed by work, but we will guarantee that they will not use your personal information for other purposes.

Our website is for adults (such as health care specialists, investors, and individuals seeking information about my company and health care products) and does not specifically collect information about and from children.

Wrongful Acts
We may use the collected and/or received information about you to investigate and help prevent wrongful acts or acts that threaten our website or the website rules.

Access and Correction
According to the national data protection law, you are entitled to access information about you when you have made the application and paid a small fee.

You also have the right to request a free correction of any errors in your personal information. You can call to make the request and we will modify your information as requested by you.

Please clearly add your name, user name and registration information (if any) to all of your contact information

How to Contact Us
You are welcome to give your suggestions and comments on the privacy protection policy. You can call BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited for any reason. "BAHEAL Pharmaceutical", "Group", "us/we", "our"...herein mentioned all refer to BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited and its affiliated companies.