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BAHEAL Fund for Chinese Doctors Moral Construction and Legal Assistance

BAHEAL Fund for Chinese doctors’ moral construction and legal assistance was established in Beijing on November 27, 2005. As a ten-year project, this fund was initiated by Chinese Medical Doctor Association and supported by BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group which contributes 1,000,000 yuan every year to carry out activities targeted at medical doctors, including humanistic quality education, legal knowledge training, legal aid of typical infringement cases, etc. Over the past 10 years, BAHEAL Fund health and legal science speaking tour has covered over 200 cities and 600 medical institutions. Near 1000 training activities in total were carried out for over 290,000 medical workers. On September 20, 2016, the second ten-year contract signing ceremony was held. Since the establishment of this fund, with the joint efforts of Chinese Medical Doctor Association, BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group, and BAHEAL Fund Management Committee and the great support from the health administrative apartments of all levels, medical health service institutions, and the medical workers, this fund has made remarkable achievements and is highly appraised by all social sectors.

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