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Carry Forward the Noble Spirit of Doctors, Prevent the Immoral Tendency

The summit forum with the theme of ”Carry Forward the Noble Spirit of Doctors, Prevent the Immoral Tendency” was hosted by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and medical newspaper office and co-hosted by BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Group on September 23th, 2013 at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. This summit forum made a summary for the campaign of soliciting articles on noble medical spirit with award, which initiated by MD WEEKLY, aiming at searching for and spreading the noble spirit in contemporary society. The zeitgeist of “noble medical spirit” and positive energy can get reflected. There were 60 model characters in Chinese medical field reported in this activity. With the comments of 60 academicians, leading expert and leaders and recommendation of 60 medical and health institutions at various levels and units, this activity won widespread praise on a national scale. This activity has been absorbed as an annual important activity of Chinese Medical Doctor Association with the approval of Li bin, director of the national health and family planning commission.

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